We offer Workshop Service & Repairs / Performance Tuning / Engine Upgrades & Rebuilds for your Harley-Davidson

A little-known fact is that Steve Fischer, the founder of Steves Auto Clinic, the country’s leading aftermarket independent automotive group, didn’t start cutting his mechanical teeth on cars over 25 years ago.

His passion for all things motorized began way before that as a teenager working out of his parent’s garage at home, servicing and tuning motorcycles. It is within this engineering business that Fischer returned to his roots and fired up his passion again, servicing and tuning motorcycles.

Being a man that has always been fascinated with Harley-Davidson, a rider of a Harley-Davidson himself, the full array of services & options to be offered will be concentrated on performance tuning these legendary motorcycles…

1A new

Project Rushmore & Milwaukee 8

The Ultimate Rocker C Upgrade

Need more power
Need Parts
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Performance Upgrades

Just for starters – Stage 1

  • Performance air-cleaner – choice of three or four different styles. (Can be tailored to your individual needs.)
  • Low pressure performance exhaust system or slip-ons. (Vance & Hines or Screaming Eagle.)
  • SAC USB Tuning Key
  • If necessary – Catalytic converter removal or optimization, for select models only.

96 Cube standard power – 58kw
Stage 1 – up to 73kw.
The power depends on the choices and your budget.

Mains – Stage 2

  • Gas flowed cylinder heads.
  • Big valve option.
  • Enlarged throttle body – 46mm to 50mm
  • Mild to Wild cams – We will help you choose this one.

96 Cube stage 1 roughly 73kw
Stage 2 – between 80kw & 88kw
Depending on your cam shaft option.

The Cherry on Top – Stage 3

  • 96 Cube (1600cc) to 103 Cube (1700cc) – Pistons & Barrels.

This one takes the power up to somewhere between 88kw & 100kw
We have built a few 103’s and seen over 100kw while with some mild cams 88kw is tops.
It’s very drivable and exciting
You need to ride one.
It’s just not possible to explain the power gain.
When you say the power is double how does it translate into real time riding?