August 2014 Newsletter

SAC Raging Bull Customers

It has been a cold winter but I hope that never stopped you from riding. If you plan and dress right a winter ride is as enjoyable as any other especially if it is with some of your friends.

Our last newsletter was at the end of last year for Christmas – so we have lots to talk about now.

Firstly, please let us know with return mail if you don’t want to receive newsletters from us and be rest assured that your personal contact details are always save with us. Recently it seems as if sales people with something better to sell on the phone or the internet is on the increase and it’s really irritating – luckily we know that.

Ladies and gentleman I can’t emphasise enough the importance of maintenance and or more specifically preventative maintenance. No one likes repairing or replacing something that’s not broken but believe me it beats breaking down on the side of the road when you least expect it or when you are far away from home – clean oil, oil filter, air filter, spark-plugs, well checked and adjusted chain tensioners, belt tensions, wheel bearings, fuel filters, etc. name only a few components covered in preventative or routine maintenance. Whenever we see your bike, most times regardless of why it is here it would automatically get a spanner check as well. These bikes vibrate and things come lose all the time.

The price of tyres, especially Dunlop and Michelin Harley-Davidson tyres has gone out of control. We have been forced to look for suitable alternative tyre brands for Harley’s and now have a few options. Needless to say we have done proper testing on mileage, handling, etc. I am happy that we can supply them with no consequences at very competitive prices, in most cases we can supply a front and a rear tyre for less than the cost of one rear Dunlop tyre. Call us for more info. We have most tyres available, some even in stock including white-walls, low profiles and more.

Let’s talk fuel consumption now, I have done some really interesting extensive testing in this regard and have found a few new or more tuning tricks. If you are one of those who always watches fuel consumption you may want to ask us for a “fuel consumption” tune. If you combine such a tune with a very disciplined riding style you can get as much as 22km/l. The average consumption on fuel injected Harley’s ranges between 13km/l & 18km/l – remember if you consistently exceed 120km/h you will see the 13 more than the 18 mark especially if it is windy on the day.




Then believe it or not, more available power doesn’t need to mean worse fuel consumption. The consumption only gets bad when you explore all the potential of the extra power so to that end for those of you who have petrol running through your veins, the diehard petrol heads and performance junkies – we have been hard at work developing and testing “even more” performance enhancement packages. On most of the popular Harley’s we are now able to work some added reliable magic using only HD parts without compromising the reliability at all. There is now more to be had from a little extra technology and for now let’s call it the “stage 4 and more”. Talk to us about this especially if you are getting use to what you have on throttle.

A very exciting well asked about R&D is underway in our workshop. It is very popular overseas but I believe has never been done in South-Africa. For those of you who have Couches or Street Glides we are busy finalising a conversion to convert these bikes to the very popular Road Glide front end using only Harley parts. The handling, look and feel of the bike is substantially enhanced with this conversion and it won’t break the bank, if you consider the price of a Road Glide. Until now Road Glides where only available in the CVO form and recently where launched as a classic 103 – who knows what the price is going to be in South-Africa. Watch our website for more information to follow soon.

(Unfortunately SAC Raging Bull are no longer doing these conversions).

And now finally, some money talk. We are often asked why aren’t our prices less than the HD dealers. Please remember, our passion for these bikes and this type of work boarders on an obsession. We do it for the love of it and ultimately never charge all the time taken to do what we do. In fact most times we charge less than 50% of our time spent on your bike. Unfortunately and because we only use genuine Harley parts we need to buy them at retail prices from the dealers – the same as you could. The Harley business model does not allow for aftermarket trade discounts. Our ongoing commitment to service excellence will never be compromised – I hope that’s a good enough explanation. In this case it’s definitely not about “you pay for what you get”.

Too much information so for now that’s it – please ride plenty and safe.

Kind Regards

The SAC Raging Bull Team

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