The BMW “Boxer” Power Story

So, now that we have our enthusiasm with the BMW “boxer” brand covered.  Let’s talk about the power enhancement.  We make it as easy to understand as possible.

Being a European bike from Germany it is of very high standards, so the manufacturer has taken care of technology and in most cases efficiency, etc. and they have delivered a near perfect bike.  What they never got right however was to let this near perfect bike perform well in our South-African conditions especially on the highveld.  We are around 2000m above the sea, and we have fuel, even our best which is a poorer quality than in most first world countries.  Volumetric efficiency and ultimately cylinder filling are poor in our conditions and then our fuel battles to burn the mixture properly.

What we do is essentially enhance the cylinder filling by improving the bike’s ability to breath air in and out, so we primarily take care of all the blockages and obstructions in the air-intake system, in the cylinder heads as well as in the exhaust system.  Once we have an engine that has the ability to breath better, if necessary, we also improve the combustion efficiency i.e., by fine tuning the fuel delivery spark and combustion temperature.

These motorcycles have an amazing ability to travel along our highways at relatively high speeds and if you ride one of these you will know that you are able to do this while using very little throttle.  More often than not you will find yourself cruising at 160km/h at 10% throttle and when coupled with our altitude and poor fuel this generates extremely high combustion temperature for long periods of time.  This temperature in turn ends up deteriorating amongst other things exhaust & intake valves, exhaust & intake valve seats and cylinder head material.

While our performance enhancement package options deliver relative power gains throughout the rev range at full throttle, they significantly improve the mid-range light throttle power delivery and acceleration without compromising fuel efficiency and consumption.  Our ultimate aim is to offer a smoother running engine from idle throughout and improved reliability for those high-speed riders.    In most cases we are able to deliver power gains which will take your BMW up a spec or two, so no need to change your bike to achieve this anymore. Fewer gear changes are necessary in the mountains and or while passing on the highways.

NB! Once the tuning has been optimised you will no longer have a very economical (light on fuel bike) at high speeds – the additional fuel looks after the cylinder heads and components while it reduces the thermal engine temperatures.

If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to call in or communicate with us for some tech talk.


Maintenance is now on your doorstep. Good news if you live in or around the Vaal Triangle and you ride a GS, you can now have it attended to, serviced, repaired, tuned, etc. right here in Vanderbijlpark.

SAC Raging Bull is now also specializing in all things BMW GS Adventure – Your One Stop GS Workshop.


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