BMW GS Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Refurbished, Free-flowing Silencers Explained.

We have been selling and fitting a range of remanufactured or refurbished silencers into the Harley-Davidson market for roughly 15 years now with hundreds of very happy clients.

BMW GS Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Refurbished, Free-flowing Silencers Explained

It was a natural progression to research the same affordable options for the BMW GS Adventure bike range. These silencers are the result of many years of R&D and testing, both in the motor car and motorcycle industry.  We are extremely proud of the product that we fit on these bikes for more than one reason – firstly they are good quality and then most important of all we understand that our customers don’t always have the necessary funds or disposable money to fit imported “name brands”.

Our silencers do the job and sound amazing, we have back-to-back tested them against most of the imported brands with almost no difference in power delivery.

We can tailor the sound to suit almost every need so if you want an open pipe that doesn’t make much noise – that’s possible too. Reducing the noise does not mean that you need to compromise the performance in any way.

Our silencers are made with good quality stainless steel perforated pipe, woven roving e-glass wool, and tightly secured stainless steel mesh.  The e-glass wool is tightly wound onto the perforated pipe utilising a centre-to-centre lathe – 4 to 6 layers – depending on the space that is available inside the casing. This stainless-steel mesh is simply to keep the silencer and the wool intact year in and year out regardless of riding style.  Both the inlet and the outlet of the silencer have original plastic covers that hide our professional tig welding. The silencer is a one in – two out construction  which has a carefully designed Y piece inside the casing.  The perforated pipe is nippled inward to create just the right amount of back pressure required to achieve maximum power and torque gains (especially when dyna tuned).

BMW GS Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Refurbished, Free-flowing Silencers Explained

It has been said that our silencers are simply gutted end cans, but this is absolutely not the case. We see gutted pipes in our shop every day and inevitably rectify that situation by rebuilding baffles in the correct way.

When we fit these silencers all the bikes are properly tested on our dyna before and after to ensure that the bike doesn’t run lean and that the gains are correct.


Best performance exhaust for BMW GS Adventure Bike Range.


Maintenance is now on your doorstep. Good news if you live in or around the Vaal Triangle and you ride a GS, you can now have it attended to, serviced, repaired, tuned, etc. right here in Vanderbijlpark.

SAC Raging Bull is now also specializing in all things BMW GS Adventure – Your One Stop GS Workshop.


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