BMW Tuning – Power Measurement Explained

The power as measured on the wheels of BMW adventure motorcycles varies from one bike to another depending on the tyres on the bike at the time of measurement.

The same bike with no changes to the engine could deliver 110Kw and 160Nm with a set of road tyres while with complete off-road tyres, the power would be around 95Kw and 150Nm. These figures depend on the tyre choice i.e., extreme off-road, 50/50 or high-speed road tyres.

An open exhaust with an air filter can offer roughly 5% more power if the bike is in good condition. If you add the decat, heads and tune this can go up to as much as 10% to 15% more power dependent on the bike.

We have found that it is very difficult to achieve a 10% power increase on a 1250 LC BMW as they are very close to perfect from the factory. The earlier model BMWs – air-cooled, single cam and twin cam as well as the 1200 LC respond very well to modifications.

bmw tuning - power measurement Explained

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