Essential Brake Maintenance

Harley essential brake maintenanceIt’s a little-known fact that Harley riders differ substantially.  Some ride their bikes regularly, as much as 20 000km per year and some only ride 2000km or 3000km in 4 years.  Both rider types have consequences when it comes to brakes.  Brakes on a Harley are extremely important because these bikes are heavy and often have two people on them, sometimes with luggage.


The brake fluid in the braking system deteriorates for a few reasons but mostly the following three.  When the bike stands for long periods of time the brake fluid gets thick, much like jelly and is unable to work its way through the braking system the way that it should, especially on bikes with ABS brakes i.e. 2010 and upward models.  When the brakes are used regularly for high mileage riders, it gets hot sometimes even boils and as a result, it burns and or thickens as well, and then we have the moisture content problem.  Over time the brake fluid is contaminated with moisture due to ambient conditions.  Once again, the brake fluid is no longer what it should be and becomes dangerous.


Harley davidson BrakesIf and when we service these bikes we inspect the brake fluid front & rear and recommend a brake fluid flush and replacement to the clients.  If the bike is fitted with ABS brakes, we have all the necessary equipment to enable us to do an essential electronic brake bleed to rehabilitate the ABS brakes back to new.  Most people assume that brakes only have brake pad replacement, this is not the case, it is very important for your safety to have your bikes brakes & brake fluid checked regularly.  At least if you are not riding often with an annual check over or when it gets serviced.


It is not only dangerous but can become very costly if and when the brake master cylinders and the ABS braking system needs to be replaced.  These parts can easily cost between R5000 and R10 000 when they fail, which will only happen as a result of poor maintenance.

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