Harley Davidson brake maintenance

Brake Maintenance

 Essential Brake Maintenance It’s a little-known fact that Harley riders differ substantially.  Some ride their bikes regularly, as much as 20 000km per year and some only ride 2000km or 3000km in 4 years.  Both rider types have consequences when it comes to brakes.  Brakes on a Harley are extremely important because these bikes are heavy and…
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Harley for sale – are you buying or selling a Harley

Buying and selling Harleys’ made easy If you are the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and you have had it for a while you will know all about the words that follow. Being such a close-knit community Harley owners tend to talk to each other all the time, whether it is in person, at…
Harley Davidson Engine repair

Harley Engine Repairs, Rebuilding & Reconditioning

Engine Repairs, Rebuilding & Reconditioning for your Harley-Davidson Engine Repairs, Recondition & Performance Upgrades Now should you be the kind of Harley Davidson rider that wants a smoother more refined ride, or perhaps you are even just the kinda person who wants more power and performance to make your outride that much more fun, then…
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Why choose SAC Raging Bull

Why you should tune or modify your Harley-Davidson at SAC Raging Bull?     Power Commander / Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner kits / Chips SAC as a company has been the industry leaders and at the forefront of the performance enhancement industry in South Africa for around the past 35 years. We have very extensive knowledge…