The short answer is yes. The shelf life of a sealed can of oil is roughly 2 ½ years before it needs to be discarded.

If the oil is in a bike or a vehicle the lifespan is situation-dependent – engine oil loses its lubricity, and viscosity and gets contaminated with moisture, silica (dust), and fuel because of numerous washes, cold starts (choke – etc.). This really applies to all the oil and fluids throughout the bike i.e., gearbox oil, primary oil, engine oil, fork oil, brake fluid, etc.

We are sure that we don’t need to remind you that the same applies to tyres, rubber seals, gaskets, batteries, etc. Most perishables on or in the bike cannot survive more than 2 ½ – maximum of 3 years.

So, while money is tight for all, be sure to look after your bike, and let us help you look after your wallet and your bike.

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