January 2017 Newsletter

Let us help you set yourself up for enjoyable trouble free Harley rides in 2017

In South-Africa, we are blessed with good riding weather and beautiful country sides to explore. There are a good six months left before it gets unpleasant to ride, so make the best of it and make it last “let’s ride”

By no means does this apply to all our customers but more and more bikes are coming into our workshop and they are simply not ride-ready. Its poor battery conditions, flat or worn and aged tyres, loose parts all over, loose spokes on spoked wheels, bad greasy burnt and aged brake fluid, worn brake pads and so on. It seems as if service intervals are being stretched to the limit and this is ok, it’s a sign of the times – we understand that.

Many of our customers aren’t aware that we offer a complete bike check over (once over) – spanner check and or inspection. We only charge one hour labour for this, so this affords a budget conscious rider a chance to prioritise repairs and maintenance. The current economic climate is forcing us all to change our way of thinking regarding Harley repairs and maintenance so let us help you to become more orientated towards preventative maintenance rather than the habitually prescribed mileage service intervals if this will make you more comfortable to ride more often.

Booking service

Being a customer at SAC Raging Bull is a relationship, it’s not just simply a customer workshop situation. If we aren’t already, we want to become your lifestyle partner regarding your Harley. Our one and only goal are to keep you safe and on your Harley. Despite the rising costs of absolutely everything around us we still try our best to look after your wallet and your bike without compromising quality and safety.

One last thing, we don’t want to make this a book or a long read but due to the ongoing ever increasing Harley family growth I have decided to again start putting anxious buyers and keen sellers together. We now have the floor space and a ready infrastructure so we will be doing it properly this time around. We intend creating a Harley buying and selling platform which will offer the best deal possible to the buyer as well as the seller. Your favourite Harley dealership is able to offer you very good deals on purchasing new bikes if you don’t have a trade in. They have good quality and a good variety of new bike stock. You don’t need to accept a trade in just because. You can keep your eye on our website or call us for more information on this exciting new initiative.

Harley greetings from SAC Raging Bull

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