Harley-Davidson Accident Damage Repairs

SAC Raging Bull is there to help

Bad things do happen, anything from a minor fall over to a small accident or even sometimes a bad crash.  We all try hard not to let this happen but if and when it does SAC Raging Bull is there to help.

If necessary we can assist with the tow in arrangements to start with and then we will take care of the estimates and submissions to your insurance company too.  We can do it all or just help you, it’s up to you at the end of the day.  The main thing is that you want or need your bike to be on the road again as soon as possible.

We always try and create a win-win-win scenario with accident damage.  A win for you the customer with quality work as soon as possible, a win for the insurance company and then a win to a certain extent for us the repairing service provider too.  This way the bike can be repaired and not written off unnecessarily and it can be done with a minimum amount of down time.  We can source new HD parts where necessary or we can use good quality used and or repaired parts.  This would all normally depend on the age of the bike and the mileage.

When it comes to colour matching Harley parts we have the best available painters in the business and are almost 100% sure that we can do an exact colour match every time no matter what the original was, even special CVO paint processes have been perfectly matched with no trace of any repair at all.  Very often bikes that are a few years old but still in an excellent condition will be written off  because of the need to replace parts with OEM new painted or original OE parts which are simply too expensive.  The repair then costs much more than the bikes current value.  It’s important to know that you are able to repair back to the condition that you had in the first place at SAC Raging Bull, quickly and efficiently.

It has been said that some accident damage repairs at other repair shops take up to 3 or 4 months even sometimes more than that.  It is our aim to get you back on your bike within one month and give you your pride and joy and bragging rights back as soon as possible.  More often than not the bikes are in a far better condition after such a repair than what they were to start with before the accident.

We look forward to quoting you for an accident repair if it’s ever necessary.

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