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Your Harley-Davidson’s camshaft plays an important role in the overall performance of your motorcycle’s engine. Your choice of camshaft in your Harley-Davidson depends on your riding needs, and the power you are aiming for from your motorcycle’s engine.

The professional team at SAC Raging Bull will advise you on the best option of Harley-Davidson Camshafts, to offer the best cam upgrade for your personal needs. You can expect a noticeable power increases when upgrading your Harley’s cam with SAC Raging Bull – Talk to a specialist today for advice on your Harley-Davidsons performance upgrade, and specifically your options when it comes to camshafts.

Harley Davidson cam upgrade

The Benefits of a Harley-Davidson Cam Upgrade by SAC Raging Bull

The camshaft of your Harley’s engine is responsible for opening and closing the valves of the engine, directly affecting the overall performance of the motorcycle. When the camshaft rotates, it opens the valves of the engine to produce power – the more aggressive the profile of the cam, the more power it projects, and of course, the louder the engine sound.

Your riding style and needs will help to determine which aftermarket camshaft is best for your Harley-Davidson – are you a casual motorcycle rider, or a frequent rider going on long-distance tours, or are simply after power and speed when it comes to your Harley? These factors will determine the best cam upgrade and solution for you and your motorcycle.

When bringing your motorcycle to SAC for a cam upgrade, you will see an increase from your 73 kW to anywhere from 80 to 88 kW, depending on your camshaft option. Combining this with other performance upgrades can greatly increase the power and torque of your Harley-Davidson, offering you the reliable and powerful machine you desire.

If you are considering a cam upgrade or overall performance upgrade for your Harley-Davidson, talk to a consultant at SAC today for more information about your options. We will advise you on the best cam upgrade and performance conversion to reach the power you desire from your Harley.

Contact SAC for your Harley-Davidson Cam Upgrade

For more information and a suitable solution for your Harley-Davidson cam upgrade, contact us at SAC Raging Bull today. SAC Raging Bull is considered a leading Harley-Davidson performance specialist in the performance aftermarket industry, and have assisted many clients to achieve the power and performance they desired from their motorcycles.

Our workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and we make use of genuine Harley-Davidson oil and parts – ensuring you of excellent results when bringing your vehicle to SAC, Harley-Davidson experts.

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