Check over – Spanner Check for your Harley-Davidson

Pre Long Trip & Long Term Storage Checkovers

Harley Spanner checkEventually, you have made the decision to do it, you are going on a long trip. Ok, so it is only 2000km’s. The fact is you are going on your Harley and the last thing you want to worry about is “your bike”. Let us give it a “once over” –  check-over. It is the attention to small detail that counts here.  The obvious like tyre pressures, oil levels etc. normally get checked regularly but battery condition, drive belt, tyre condition etc also needs attention.

Often due to the vibration on these bikes screws, bolts and nuts find a way to loosen themselves. They are normally fitted originally with Loctite or something similar but that doesn’t mean they can’t come loose. Rather let us check it over, most bikers don’t carry any emergency tools!

More often than not, riders park their bikes during winter, and some only ride once or twice a year. It may be as a result of illness, overseas holidays or what ever but the fact remains the bike stands for long periods of time. It is essential to check the bike over especially lubrication and or coolant levels and tyre condition – pressures. The tyres deflate themselves after a long while and at a glance, they look fine.

They are not and you can’t entrust this job to a petrol pump attendant. Tyre wear is promoted and speeded up if pressures are incorrect. Most Harley’s need the help of a flexible valve extension to pump the tyres. The battery may not be properly charged or their may just be an urgent need for some cleaning and tender love and care (TLC).

Bring it in or call us to collect the bike to have it checked over.

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