Harley Davidson Customising & Special Bike Builds

Remember that we said that we are mad about bikes – Harleys. In fact we are obsessed with them. Passion only doesn’t explain it properly. It is one of those things in life that if it needs to be explained you would not understand it anyway. So while we specialise in tuning and performance upgrades and really enjoy building horsepower we also do special builds or project bikes by arrangement.

We suggest and source special bits and pieces from all over the world that ultimately enables us to build these one of kind special bikes. This includes very unique and special paint jobs, colour schemes, brake upgrades, suspension upgrades, colour matching frames, big wheels, custom oil tanks, special exhaust systems etc. Our painter for instance is just as passionate about painting as we are about horsepower so combined we can turn out something special every time.

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Service Advice

These one of a kind builds take a while to do and don’t come cheap but be rest assured that you will get a well built bike, planned, built and organised under the watchful eye of a true perfectionist. It needs to be right or we won’t do it. There is no compromise in attention to detail.