Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Twin-Cooled Bikes & the now uprated 107 and the CVO 114 cubic inch Milwaukee 8 (Eight) hits the roads in SA!

Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore 103ci & 110ci


Harley-Davidson released their new twin-cooled (Liquid cooled) models in 2014. Initially, there was some concern regarding these bikes amongst enthusiasts here in SA but now they are all too popular.

Only the bikes that were fitted with engine guard covers (Glove box covers) were lucky enough to have this revision since it was necessary to mount the two radiators inside the covers. These bikes circulate 1 litre of water through the hottest part of the cylinder heads i.e. around the exhaust ports and through the radiators. There are two electronically controlled fans which switch on automatically and a thermostat with an electrical water pump.


The system is very efficient and it’s good to know that the bike can run with no water without consequential damage if necessary – in the case of an emergency. Problem is that the engine check light and a temperature warning light lights up on the dash to warn you. So, although the two lights are on, you don’t need to stop immediately to rectify the problem or tow the bike to a workshop. You are able to ride on and have the problem repaired a.s.a.p.

The good news is that all our normal Stage 1, 2, & 3 touring conversions apply to these twin-cooled models as well. Call us for assistance in this regard to start benefitting from the extra power on tap.

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Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 (Eight) (M8) 107ci & 114ci

2017+ Onwards

The recent introduction of the Milwaukee 8 (M8) Harley-Davidson models, hit the South-African roads at the end of 2016. This bike has a revolutionary engine upgrade. The main difference being – 4 valves per cylinder, twin spark ignition, a single camshaft and internal balance shafts and weights. All this has made for a much improved, smoother ride. Only time will tell how successful this revision is, we are already investigating a few issues around the oil pumps and oil pressure. Watch this space.

As always, we are on top of our game regarding the tuning and engine modifications of these bikes. There are many accessories already available from Harley-Davidson and or us for these bikes, but most important of all – they have a nice range of additional engine cooling fans. We are testing camshaft and cylinder head combinations which will be released soon.


We are able to do comprehensive Stage 1 upgrades on these bikes, remove speed limiters and enhance the sound levels. We are very impressed with the results and our customers will be too. These already impressive bikes respond very well to tuning and low-pressure open exhaust upgrades. Our Stage 1 conversion is very affordable and includes a chip, de-cat on exhaust, revised baffles with end tips and a small modification of the air intake system.

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Milwaukee 8 – 2017 Ultra Limited

  •  Airbox Modification
  • SAC Flash Tune
  • DeCat Exhaust Header
  • Remanufactured Exhaust Baffles

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