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harley service and repairsNeed to have your Harley serviced, maintained or repaired or does something just not feel right with your Hog? Then look no further as we offer a full range of service, maintenance and repair options as well as Dyno evaluations and Dyna testing & tuning services to tune your machine to perfection.

Using genuine Harley Davidson parts (or better) we can take care of your next routine service and maintenance and provide you with peace of mind riding and keep your service history intact. At the same time, applying the same level of quality workmanship, we are able to take care of any repair needs, from small to big, you may have.

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Harley-Davidson Service Interval & Preventative Maintenance

  • (New Harley) First oil change & check over – 1500km to 1800km
  • First complete service & check over – 8000km  – Thereafter your bike should be serviced at least every 8000km if it is standard or every 6000km if performance upgrades have been done and you are a hard rider. Alternatively, if you do less than 6000km per year an annual oil change and complete check over is essential.
  • Front & rear wheel bearings should be replaced at roughly 30 000km and thereafter every 30 000km.
  • A front fork oil change is recommended on 40 000km and a full front fork service (oil & seals) should be done on 80 000km. Fork seals may be required earlier if damaged or leaking.
  • Tyres & brake pads should be checked with every service but are usually replaced at roughly 16 000km for the rear and 32 000km for the front. Tyres may appear to have enough tread but the rubber deteriorates with time so it is HIGHLY recommended to replace tyres regardless of the tread depth after 2-3 years. Anything more than 2-3 year old tyres becomes very dangerous especially in wet conditions and when they are very hot.  Your life is simply not worth compromising for the cost of two tyres.
  • For bikes with the ignition switch mounted on the tank – the switch needs to be cleaned and refurbished every 40 000km or as necessary (maybe sooner). This is very necessary and is as a result of water contamination and rust.
  • To avoid regular battery replacement or disappointment, we recommend a three monthly battery check & shock charge (max amps) to “rehabilitate” the battery even if your bike is connected to a trickle charger. Well maintained batteries can last between 3 and as much as 6 years while poorly maintained batteries need to be replaced within the 1st year.
  • When your bike reaches 100 000km, we recommend the drive belt be changed even though it may not be visibly damaged.
  • Brake Fluid should be changed regularly – at least once yearly but more often if your bike stands for long periods of time or if you ride frequently and for long distances at a time.
  • We recommend that you bring your Harley in for a check over before any long trip and or if it has been in storage for a long period of time, specially to check the lubrication and or coolant levels, tyre and battery condition. At a glance, they may look fine, but they may be in an urgent need of some tender love and care.
For your convenience, we maintain a comprehensive service history for your bike. If you are unsure about your next service or preventative maintenance due, please feel free to contact us for more information – Send us a WhatsApp on 082 979 6727 with the current mileage and your bike’s registration number!

Harley Davidson Models

  • Harley Davidson Road King / Touring models
  • Harley Davidson Sportster 
  • Harley Davidson Dyna
  • Harley Davidson Softail
  • Harley Davidson V-Rod
  • Harley Davidson CVO
  • Harley Davidson Street
  • Harley Davidson Glide

Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

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Harley Davidson Performance Upgrade Options

Now should you be the kind of Harley Davidson rider that wants a smoother more refined ride, or perhaps you are even just the kinda person who wants more power and performance to make your outride that much more fun, then it is time you speak to us about what we can offer you in terms of upgrading your existing engine.

Dyno Tuning & Dyna Testing Services


Dyno tuning and Dyna testing services can be carried out when your Harley is in for a service or repairs, or you can take advantage of our state of the art dynamometer and leave knowing that your Hog is tuned and running as good as it can!

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