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Dear SAC Raging Bull – Harley Customer

tyres and wheel bearings for harleyThis lifestyle of ours, the Harley one is expensive and dangerous. We need to minimise the risk as much as possible, this is why I am talking about tyres and wheel bearings now.

Everyone has their “pet theory” about tyres, what’s the best for my bike? And how often if ever should the wheel bearings be replaced.

The answer is simple; the Harley Davidson factory has done extensive tyre testing over the years. If they recommend or use a tyre, you can rest assured that’s the right tyre to use.

These bikes are heavy and usually get loaded. Now to top it all most of us are riding faster and faster.

When you buy a set of tyres or a new Harley you will see that the rear tyre has a much deeper tread pattern than the front. The reason for this is so that they wear at more or less the same rate. I highly recommend that if you can afford it to change both tyres at the same time every time. The smaller bikes do around 12000 – 15000 km on a set of tyres and the bigger ones can go to about 17000 km. This is the limit, after this the ride gets uncomfortable and it is extremely dangerous. You never know when you are going to meet with a massive rainstorm, a worn tyre doesn’t deal with that too well.

Generally, Dunlop and Michelin Harley branded tyres are best and in most cases more expensive than the alternative ones. Sure they often aren’t available when we need them if this happens you need to go to the best alternative. My advice here, Pirelli or Metzillar; just remember they don’t last as long and are not the first choice – of course, they are cheaper in most cases. Is your life worth the saving?

So now it’s about the wheel bearings, the bikes are big and heavy and the wheel bearings are small and sealed. There is no way to check them or their condition. So once again, we highly recommend replacing front and rear wheel bearings every 30000km or on every second tyre change. It doesn’t matter if it’s necessary or not, it’s far easier to change them while doing the tyres and you save on the labour anyway. You don’t want a failed wheel bearing while you are riding or on the side of the road if you can help it.

Once again, the bike gets trailered to a workshop for this and hopefully, you didn’t fall off.

Kind Regards

The SAC Raging Bull Team

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