Buying and selling Harleys’ made easy

If you are the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and you have had it for a while you will know all about the words that follow.

for saleBeing such a close-knit community Harley owners tend to talk to each other all the time, whether it is in person, at a club event, on social media or whatever – they voice their opinions. Often the subject of bike values comes up and a discussion on selling or trading in Harleys starts. More often than not, proud owners of these special bikes are insulted or feel insulted when they get told what they can get for their bike when they want to trade it in.

This is nothing new in the motor industry, a bike or car of the current age is a depreciating asset and vehicle traders generally buy for as little as possible and sell for as much as possible. It is how they do business and or make money, it is never going to change and they are doing nothing wrong. With the Harleys it is a little different to most other vehicles in the industry, we tend to customise them to the hilt. It is a personalized thing and we enjoy spending money on the repairs, maintenance, and upgrades – but mostly on bling and cosmetics. It is easy to spend between 50 and 100 thousand-rand on a Harley if you are a passionate rider or performance junky.

Problem is, apart from your asset depreciating simply because of age (years not mileage) you also get to lose all the money you spent on customising. I could carry on forever on this topic but I am going to keep it short, the bottom line is there is someone out there who really wants your bike and is prepared to pay your price.

In our ongoing efforts to offer extraordinary levels of service to our customers, current and potential we feel that both sellers and buyers can benefit from what we have to offer. Simply put, we want to introduce keen buyers and willing sellers with the same passion for all things nice to each other. We are not bike traders and will not consider trading in a bike on another or be buying stock to sell.

We have many clients that want to sell their bikes and we have just as many shoppers for good quality used bikes contacting us or walking in asking if we have bikes for sale. To this end, we believe that both buyers and sellers can get a good deal, without having to criticize in a negative way the bike trading market. If we have a bike on display that belongs to a willing seller, you can rest assured that we will have evaluated the bike properly and or repaired or suggested the repair of anything in need of same. Also, we would determine a reasonable market price for such a bike and display all the customized components. In the same way, we would suggest a reasonable selling price to the seller.

Both the buyer and the seller can be comfortable with a match made by us as we believe that our knowledge of these bikes and honesty will add value. In most cases, when it comes to the sellers they will be existing customers so we will have extensive knowledge about the bike. All our customers are properly advised on repairs and maintenance as well as preventative maintenance. We will know the bike well that we are introducing to buyers and if it is not an existing customer our evaluation would be trustworthy as we would not put our stamp of approval on something that we know nothing about.

We would have a clear understanding of all the needs when someone approaches us to buy a clean bike. We would only consider introducing a customer and a bike if they were a match for each other. If you don’t buy stock you will never be under pressure to sell someone something he or she does not really want.

If you contact us once you have made a choice either to buy or sell a bike, there are a few small conditions which will be clearly discussed and agreed on. We are able to advise on financing, roadworthy registration as well as short-term insurance or anything else that you may need to make your shopping experience a memorable one.

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