Power & Performance Projects for your Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson FXS Softail Blackline Power & Performance Project.

Uni-Chip, 96 to 103 Cube, side frame mount oil cooler, gas flowed cylinder heads, 266 Screamin’ Eagle cams Akrapovic Race Exhaust

•Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather Air FilterHarley-Davidson-FXS-Softail-Blackline-8
• Akrapovic 2 into 1 Race Exhaust
• Uni-Chip• Screamin Eagle Race Tuner
• 103 Cube Barrels & Pistons
• Big Valve Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads
• Enlarged Throttle Body • 10.5-1 Compression Ratio
• High Flow Screaming Eagle Injectors
• Screamin Eagle 259 Cams
• Screamin Eagle Race Oil Cooler
• Screamin Eagle 3 in 1 Fully Synthetic Oil
• 70 Tooth Sprocket at the rear

Cosmetic Upgrade

The Harley Davidson FXS Softail Blackline has a clean look, simplified profile, and defiant attitude that embrace the pure essence of riding.

harley blacklineBeautifully stripped-back, uncomplicated and uncompromising, Harley Davidson have only done what is necessary to give you the thrills you seek.

The compact headlight and speedometer are tucked low into the wide, FXS front end, and there is just enough shine to make the black parts look blacker.

Black-rimmed laced wheels add to a look that is said to be tough, tempered and undeniably Harley Davidson, and although we are the tuning specialists, no Harley should be left without some sort of personal cosmetic upgrade.

So, on the cosmetic front we have the flip open type small number plate at the rear with tribal theme black mirrors, foot pegs, brake pedal and gear lever.

We fitted pulled back raised handlebars with soft black rubber hand grips.

We also mounted a big flat screen, which was all that was available from the dealers, so we ended up trimming it substantially smaller and tilted it backwards for better wind resistance while still maintaining a small amount of face and body protection against the wind.

We have changed the engine from a two-tone grey to black like all the other bikes with chrome edge finning.

We have blackened a few of the components on the bike with gun coat black i.e. brake disks, gear lever, etc.

We have also fitted a chrome flush mount fuel filler cap on the tank.

The standard rear number plate mounting has been removed and the front indicators have been blackened.

The paintwork on the bike is completely standard and is Harley Davidson orange and vivid black.

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Although we have a comprehensive stage by stage, part by part pricelist for our customers, all in all the changes on this Harley Davidson FXS Softail Blackline Project Bike would cost you about R45 000 in total and could be done with prior arrangement within one week.

For those of you seeking something really special you can also contact us here as this particular bike will be up for sale after Africa Bike Week 2012 in Margate at a price of around R200 000.

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