Harley Servicing & Preventative Maintenance Explained

* How much does it cost to service my Harley?

* Can I drop it in the morning and wait for it or collect it later?


Harley Preventative MaintenanceWell, it’s not as easy as that!!!

We love these bikes, we ride them, we tour the country on them, we modify them, we even race them from time to time so we really know them well – their tricks and their traps as well as their strong points and their weak points.  It’s not about the money for us, it’s what we love doing.  It’s more than a passion, above all else it’s a burning desire to make our customers happy and we never compete with others, we are simply the best that we can be every day.

If and when a client asks for a quote or a price to service a Harley, it may sound as if it’s lots of money or too expensive so to that end we want to explain a few things regarding “servicing”.  You can rest assured that while we deliver an above average service we also look after your wallet as much as possible in every regard.  You may be paying two or three hours of labour for a service, but it seldom takes our team less than 6 to 8 hours to do the job the way that we do it.

It’s hard to explain all the detail but simply put – from start to finish there is a team of 4 to 6 people that are involved with the job in some way or another.  Our approach is far different in almost every regard to the average in the industry and we more than likely spend too much time on all aspects of a service but that is how it is, and it won’t change anytime soon.  There are no shortcuts – it needs to be done right every time.

The normal comprehensive service schedule and our 86-point check over together with a spanner check is standard on all services, this would usually include oils, filters, spark plugs, top-ups, etc.  Should anything else of importance be required for example brake pads, brake fluid flush, wheel bearings, etc. we would first call and if necessary do an estimate before we proceed with the work.  In some cases, we would report on these issues, it would depend on the situation or risk involved.  A pre-inspection and extensive quality control is also standard on all our services in our workshop.

We have comprehensive info on the following service-related topics on our website, please CLICK on the below links for your reading pleasure:

So, when keeping the above in mind.

Can you really compare our prices to the average in the industry?
Can you expect to have your bike back in two to three hours?

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