January 2015 Newsletter

Advice about tyre pressures and rim repairs

Dear SAC Raging Bull – Harley Customer

Gone is 2014 and, gone is January 2015, but the rest of the year sits in front of us so let’s try and make the best of it despite everything going on around us. With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to start the year off with a newsletter.

I’m going to keep it short and informative. We hope that you are all keeping very well and riding as much as possible, ducking and diving the potholes of course. Even if it is a little uncomfortable, try and keep your bike’s tyre pressures at their highest limit of around 2.6 bar in front and 2.8 bar at the rear. This will help to save a rim if you do hit a big hole in the road by accident. We have an in-house rim repair facility for minor pothole damage and fast turn-around on major rim repairs with professionals in easy access. It is not always necessary to replace a slightly damaged rim. We have seen a few bikes off the road for as much as 90 days while customers wait for very expensive new rims to arrive.

Not everyone knows that we handle most insurance jobs for accident damage and or tyres-for-life claims. Whether small or big we offer a fast turn-around and settlements with various options. Getting you and your bike back on the road again is our priority while ensuring premium quality work.

Seriously bad road conditions are making it more necessary now than ever before to do proper front fork preventative maintenance at around 50 000 km. It is our intention to keep your bike safe on the road with proper preventative maintenance all round.

I will soon be posting a comprehensive informative story on the subject of preparing for a long trip with your bike, on our website. In the meantime just a little advise. If your bike has tubeless tyres make sure that you have a tubeless repair kit that includes a workable solution to re inflate the tyre. I advise that you test this at your home. I have often seen that the small bullet type charge bottles are not sufficient to re inflate the tyre. If you have a bike that has inner tubes, it is advisable that you keep one or two bottles of tyre weld with you at all times. It has been said that this product does not work on certain bikes with spoked rims, believe me it does, I have often help myself and others in this manner. If you need to service your bike or do repairs prior to a long trip, do it with enough time to satisfy yourself that all is fine on the bike. Do not wait until the last minute, collect the bike and go on a long trip. Also very important for long trips, be sure to have a backup recovery planned.

Rocker C - All Out


I promised I would keep it short at the beginning so I would like to encourage you to take a journey on our website to keep yourself updated about all things Harley at SAC. We will soon be displaying new goodies and gadgets to wear and to personalize your bikes with in our new showroom. Once it is ready we will be opening the showroom on Saturday mornings for your convenience.

Hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards

The SAC Raging Bull Team