It has been a while since I have put pen to paper to send out a newsletter. This time last year we were all still restricted with movement and wearing Covid masks. Who knows what is going to happen this year, but at Raging Bull we carry on doing what we love (fixing bikes).
Needless to say, we have a few things to share with you because it would seem as if many of our regular customers do not use Facebook so as a result, they do not get to update themselves on all things bike.

The first thing we need to bring to your attention is the insured value of your bike. You need to insure it for the right value to include most of your big spend upgrades and or accessories. We have had a few customers who needed to claim only to find that the bike is a little under insured because the add-ons and accessories were never included. It does not cost too much extra every month to include R20 000 to R40 000 for all your additional spend but if you do not, you lose out big time if you need to claim. It is all the accessories and exhaust work that gets damaged if the bike goes down.

Then regarding tyre pressures, keep them right for your ride 2.8 bar rear and 2.6 bar front. If your bike stands for a while, even just 2 to 3 months the tyres lose pressure. These heavy machines do not like deflated tyres, they ride bad and certainly do not feel safe. The tyres also get severely damaged very quickly, as little as 20km is enough to scrap a tyre. Now this does not mention the fuel, it gets old and smelly with lots of moisture above the fuel and then it does not perform like it should. The bike does not idle well, misfires, and has flat spots which causes all sorts of problems. You cannot just jump on and fill up, then take to the road, it is not safe at all.

It is of utmost importance to know your bikes pin number and how to start the bike using the pin. If you lose your fob, you will need the pin and sometimes losing the fob does happen. We cannot help to recover the pin over the phone so do it while you can. Also, the battery in the fob needs to be changed regularly. It is a simple yet big challenge while on a ride. The battery to use is a CR2032, others look similar but differ.

Do you have an ear for unwanted engine or drive train noises?
Your bikes engine has its own distinctive sound and over time you will get used to that sound. Unfamiliar engine noises could mean trouble, if the noise was not there to start with, the chances are that something is about to fail or break. Everyone in our workshop is very dialled in to these strange engine noises. It is not about us making money. It is all about saving you money and preventing a catastrophic failure and or roadside breakdown. If you hear something that is just not right, pop into our shop, have a coffee and we will advise you. We are well aware that when a new sound pops up it can be very un-nerving.

To tune or not to tune. If your bike has a Race Tuner, Chip, Tune License, etc. and it is not feeling just right, book it in for a re-tune or dyna evaluation with us.
If your bike has been to a dealership after it was dyna tuned for some work, it could have been un-tuned with a software upgrade, this is bad if your bike has a few performance mods, stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, etc. Book a dyna evaluation and or re-tune starting at R680 up to a maximum of R3400.

Does oil get old? The short answer is yes. The shelf life of a sealed can of oil is roughly two and a half years before it needs to be discarded. If the oil is in a bike or a vehicle the lifespan is situation dependant. Engine oil loses its lubricity, viscosity and gets contaminated with moisture, silica (dust) and fuel as a result of numerous washes, cold starts (choke, etc.). This really applies to all the oil and fluids throughout the bike i.e., gearbox oil, primary oil, engine oil, fork oil, brake fluid, etc.
We are sure that we do not need to remind you that the same applies to the tyres, rubber seals, gaskets, batteries, etc. Most perishables on or in the bike cannot survive more than two and a half to maximum three years. So, while money is tight for all, be sure to look after your bike and let us help you to look after your wallet and your bike.

At some point in time, upgrading or replacing certain components (preventative maintenance) in your bikes engine becomes essential to ensure a more enjoyable rider experience and that your ride can last a lifetime, that is when we come in and save the day. We have the know-how and the experience to push the right buttons before it is too late. SAC, a trusted brand in customer service for 40 years.
Please remember that we are a RMI accredited workshop.

We have also started a professional bike wash and valet program to keep your bike looking really good and protected from the elements. You might benefit well from this and while it is being given all the TLC that you choose, we can take a look at strategic things that can unnecessarily bite you because we also have a relatively inexpensive health check which can take care of unnecessary heartache when you least expect it.
We can attend to all the above while doing the health check.

Then, you may have a BMW GS or have a friend that has one. It will be of interest for you to know that we now also work on these bikes. We offer the very same services that we have for Harleys to all these BMW clients too. It was a natural progression to follow because many of our HD clients own a BMW as well. We have a few very useful tips for these GS riders who seem to have been somewhat starved of TLC assistance and advice on these bikes in the past.

We do not want this newsletter to become an information overload. There are some very interesting reads on our website – – navigate to OTHER SERVICES & ADVICE to keep yourself well informed and most important of all safe, not to mention to save you lots of money in the long run. When you get to this section you can choose the topic of your choice.

Kind Regards,
Stephen & Wesley Fischer and the Raging Bull Team

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