October 2012 Newsletter

Know your FOB security override code

SAC Raging Bull Customers
Hi all,

Some time has passed since our last newsletter so I thought it would be a good idea to do one now, then another in December to round the year off properly.

Because we keep updating our customer database you may not have received one of our newsletters before. I really hope that you can or will benefit from them and please feel free to notify us if you don’t want to receive them.

I am going to try to keep this one short and sweet and as informative as possible so please read on.

We have noticed that most of our clients, you girls and guys don’t know what your bikes pin number or security code is. We want to advise you all to familiarize yourselves with it ASAP and if you don’t have a way of doing so we can do this for you. Don’t forget to ask us to check this when your bike comes in again for some work, we have a scan tool that can do this but it only works while your bike is running or if you have an active fob. You only need the pin or code if or when you lose your fob or even worse – both of them. We have found that all the bikes don’t use the same default code or someone may have personalized a code at some stage or another. Don’t leave this until it’s too late!

Should you by accident lose your keys, you will need to re order a new set from Harley and you will need your bikes VIN number. It usually takes a few weeks for a new key to arrive, again rather be safe than sorry.

There are still one or two rallies this year and I know that many of you will be doing at least one of them, please don’t leave the service and or repair work until the last minute and don’t forget the all important preventative maintenance.

To help you remember to mention what needs to be looked at while your bike is being serviced or worked on, make a few notes before on a piece of paper or on your phone. The more you communicate with us the better your bike will be on collection. Remember you ride it more than anyone else, we only test ride around the block. Generally, our 79 point check sheet takes us to most areas of the bike but if you are aware of something that is loose or that needs looking at, it will help if you bring it to our attention.

Some time ago we received our Akrapovic exhaust stock, it’s going well and the systems are producing better than expected results, especially performance and looks. Don’t forget to consider Akrapovic.

AKRAPOVIC Open Line Full Exhaust System (Chrome) Harley-Davidson Dyna FXDF Fat Bob (2008-2014)



Over the years we have been involved with about 15 bike sales by simply putting buyers and sellers in touch with each other. We are busy designing a page for our website that should be able to take care of this with very little input from ourselves. Look out for this but in the meantime, if you are in the market for a bike or you want to sell one, drop us a mail with all the relevant details and we should be able to help. This is just a service that we are offering our clients so we are not interested in any commission but would like to see the new owner become one of our clients.

If you intend using your bike’s service book to help with its resale, you must try and remember to have it filled in when you have any work done. Most don’t bring it with so it doesn’t get done.

There are many different opinions going around regarding which is the better fuel to use, 93 or 95 octane. Well, the majority of the Harley’s running around will do better with 93. You should only use 95 in high-performance high compression engines or if 93 is not available. In most cases, your bike will have a better fuel consumption with 93.

Now I would also like to address a money related topic that has been bothering me for some time now.

I don’t like talking about money, but let’s face it, reputation is everything and it seems that more and more often now we have clients who complain about various HD service providers being too expensive and every now and then we get to hear that we too are very expensive.

The other day I got to hear about a customer who complained to another – eventually it filtered back to me, that he had a service done at our shop that cost him R8000.

Well on investigation I found it strange because the service was only R1800 and the balance was for chroming, a new front Dunlop tyre, a new fuel valve, a complete carburettor rebuild, a tank of fuel, etc. This R8000 also included 14% VAT that we need to pay back to SARS. When the bike came in it hadn’t run for a long while and wasn’t in a running condition and all the work was quoted and approved first. The fact is that it wasn’t a R8000 service. Ladies and gentlemen we really try and give our customers a good deal so we ask that you are fair and say it how it was, be honest and if you had a service done plus a whole host of extra’s at the same time then say so. We all know that Harley-Davidson parts aren’t cheap and we only use genuine HD parts and oils that we have to purchase from the dealers.

We would also like to ask all of you to please let us know if you are unhappy about anything so that we are able to address the matter. If we do not know about a problem we can’t rectify it.

Finally, we have created an informative customer notice that should help all concerned in dealing with us.

Also watch our website for specials, we have plenty of stock – seats, tyres, accessories, engine spares etc. that we from time to time try and reduce. We would prefer to put in good usable, valuable, serviceable stock – which you could benefit from

Enough for now, looking forward to seeing you soon.



P.S. Everyone has been asking for a Saturday morning get together, watch your phone for sms’s and your e-mail for the invite. We will be doing it soon.

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