September 2014 Newsletter

Customer service excellence

To all our Valued SAC Harley Customers.
Some more exciting news,

In my ongoing efforts to offer you our client only the very best quality of service, we have complimented our service advisory – sales infrastructure by appointing additional staff members and making internal display changes that will make your shopping experience more convenient and enjoyable.

We now have Brenda, Chantel and Nadia on the front counter who can assist you as, or if and when necessary. Brenda and Chantel are mainly responsible for sales and Nadia for administration but she can assist with sales when the need arises.

If any of them are unable to help you from a technical point of view on the phone or at the counter, there are more than enough resources in our workshop that will enable them to feedback to you as soon as possible.

My intention here is not to grow in volume, but only to offer better service to all. Our work is simplified when we have established and agreed on exactly what you want, how much it will cost and how long it is going to take.



These are three very efficient girls, but in order for them to serve you better, I would like to request that you let me know if you are not completely satisfied with their service in any way. You can contact either Tereza or Angie in our Customer Service Department -Holdings Office via phone on 016 981 8500 or e-mail – & and they will report the matter directly to me as a matter of urgency.

I will resolve the matter and take the necessary actions to rectify the situation. No matter what the problem, if we didn’t get back to you timeously, forgot about your query or if you have any other suggestions that will improve our service to you as a client we would appreciate it if you could get in contact with us before discussing it with your friends or any other outside parties.

Our goal is to help you and make your experience at SAC HD one to remember so make it your goal as a valued client to help us improve our service to you in any way that you can. This type of win-win relationship will ensure that we are able to service you for years to come.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Fischer