April 2012 Newsletter


We sent you a sms a few days ago just to remind you not to leave your “Africa bike week” bike preparation to the last moment.

In our ongoing efforts to serve each and every one of our Harley customers with the intention to make your shopping experience with us a truly pleasant one we again would like to remind you that we only work on a few bikes every week, by choice. We will not let anything, especially overbooking compromise our personalized approach to satisfying our clients. Most people generally but unintentionally tend to leave bike preparation for rallies to the last minute, don’t be caught out or be unhappy if we can’t fit you in at the last moment.

Also – with winter just around the corner and it has been said that it is going to be a cold one ; it’s a good time now to plan some of your time consuming customizing and or performance upgrading. We are always keen to offer winter rewards in the way of discounted labour during the winter. Most of us ride less in the winter so it’s easier to part with your pride possession for a little longer, again insuring that we can afford your bike the TLC time and effort it deserves.

It seems as if HD – Dunlop and Michelin tyres has been and still is a problem, they are always in short supply from the dealerships. Call us to arrange your tyres well in advance to avoid disappointment – more importantly don’t put on just any tyre and compromise your ride comfort and or safety, it’s simply not worth it. Our super heavy Harley Davidson bikes need properly developed tyres that have superior side wall strength to accommodate the extra weight

SAC Raging Bull Workshop


We are also happy to announce that we have recently become an official distributor for the Akrapovic range of exhaust technology on Harley Davidson bikes. Most super bikes and almost all the BMW adventure bikes on our roads today have them on already. Watch our website for more information on the range and superior quality systems available. We will soon have them all in stock for you. We already have a few demo pipes on display and there are some of our own bikes that have them fitted so that you can hear the unique sound and see them on bikes. These exhaust systems are special and truly unique – so if you want to be different, pop in and speak to us about your bikes next exhaust system soon.

If you are a performance junky and have petrol in your veins or you would simply like your bike to have a little extra power you may want to come in test ride our 2011 Blackline project bike. It probably will never be finished because it’s a project bike but it’s ready to ride and may just convince you that it is time to change yours – more info and an interesting road test on the SAC Blackline will soon be on our website too.

And finally, on the tuning front we are also happy to say that we now have another affordable invisible tuning option available. On a few of the bikes, space is a problem. The Uni-chip that we have used extensively over the years gone by to properly tune cars and bikes just doesn’t fit underneath the seat. We are now able to offer three unique tuning tools, all with different features, benefit and functions i.e. Uni-chip, Screamin Eagle Race Tuner and our newly acquired SAC USB Tuning Key.

Please take note that SAC Holdings and SAC Engineering will be closed from the 27 th of April until the 7 th of May.

Hope to hear from you all soon,

The SAC Holdings Team