June 2011 Newsletter

Do you own a Harley or plan to? Then you have to read this…

We know that most of you receive unwanted emails on a daily basis offering you anything from 100% discount bargains on pharmaceuticals to letting you know you have won the UK lottery again… This is not one of those emails!

You might be one of our existing customers and have had made use of our services before or you very well might be only hearing of us now. Either way, please take a few minutes out of your day to read the best advice you will receive this entire year when it comes to keeping your Harley Davidson on the road, and you in the saddle for many miles of trouble free riding.

This is not about chrome and clothes, these aspects of the Harley ownership experience are particularly well covered by the Harley Davidson dealerships already and well supported by the average Harley owner too.

But what happens to the technical bits that the owner seldom ever sees or thinks about under the chrome? Well this is where we come in, we not only offer you a complete one stop solution to all your Harley needs from styling to tyre fitment, we also specialise in often neglected part of this equation, the heart of your machine, the maintaining and tuning to perfection of your Harley.

Bought new, when last did you check the service book for your bike? Bought used, how sure are you that your Harley is really in tip top shape? It might certainly look the part from the outside, but a simple oil change is not a service. Who really knows what critically important service issues like wheel bearings for one example have been ignored over time? Major failures are not only costly, but can also be life threatening!

SAC Raging Bull Workshop



Contrary to what you may believe, a properly upgraded Harley Davidson motor will ensure better torque curves, power delivery and overall performance and will ultimately result in a far more enjoyable ride at a fraction of the cost of buying a new bike.

You might even be confident that you can swing a few spanners and have done it all yourself, no problem then, you can still book your bike in for a bit of time on our state of the art dyna to make sure that it is running 100%, which is never a bad idea.

Whatever your need, we have your Harley covered, and we have a courtesy car that is available via appointment and a collection and delivery service for your absolute convenience. To read about all the services we offer or drop us a line at 016 9817199.

Kind Regards,

The SAC Holdings Team

If all was as you expected then we hope that we have made not just another customer but a friend for life. Should something not have gone as you expected, then we are also very proud of the fact that we resolve and correct the odd problem that can and does occasionally crop up quickly and efficiently.

So the class leading service you expect and pay for at Steves Auto Clinic and the superior customer experience you get is not only as a result of us investing in proper facilities, convenience items, and the latest state of the art equipment, it is because you are our number one priority.

Kind Regards,

The SAC Holdings Team