Service History Explained

Service History Explained

Over the years, many of our new first-time clients have arrived at our shop or communicated with the service advisers for a quote or to book a bike. One of our first questions would be – do you have any pre-service history or is the maintenance up to date on your bike? Some say yes but most say I don’t know, or they tell us to check their service book, it’s filled in.

So, if it’s filled in it would only have a signature, date, and sometimes a company stamp – absolutely no detail. Something to remember, if there is no paperwork or reference on an invoice the chances are it wasn’t done. You should insist on a copy of the detailed invoice to keep on record at your home, a file for the bike’s maintenance would be a good idea. If you have this, it will certainly add value if and when you want to sell the bike.

At our workshop, we have a file for every bike we worked on, and in it are copies of all the invoices for the work done on the bike.

As your bike gets older and the mileage creeps up certain important preventative maintenance procedures need to be taken care of and you don’t want to miss them if you can help it. Most times they will be safety-related repairs.

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Maintenance is now on your doorstep. Good news if you live in or around the Vaal Triangle and you ride a GS, you can now have it attended to, serviced, repaired, tuned, etc. right here in Vanderbijlpark.

SAC Raging Bull is now also specializing in all things BMW GS Adventure – Your One Stop GS Workshop.



More power for your GS 1200 or 1250 is nothing without reliability. It doesn’t need to be expensive to sound expensive. Let us unleash some of that trapped GS grunt from your bikes standard end can and save you thousands of rand’s. That special sound can easily become therapeutic, and we’ll make sure its reliable forever.

Why not unleash your bikes full potential?


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