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With the recent introduction of the all new Pan-America Harley-Davidson adventure bike, it was a natural progression for us to acquire a R&D bike.  We always knew that this bike was going to be exciting and very competitive in the adventure bike arena and needless to say our aim will be to improve the performance and power delivery of this bike all round.  The new 1250 Revolution Max engine that is used in the Pan America will soon be in more Harley’s with the recent introduction of the Sportster S already hitting the market with a detuned version of this engine. What an exciting bike on paper.  We will soon be trying this one out and obviously all our R&D for the Pan Am will be available to Sportster S too.

We are well on the way to finishing the stage 1 packages for the Pan Am with a new slip-on high quality silencer and intermediate pipe already being tested on the bike. We have also completed a cost effective option with a revised intermediate pipe together with the stock “very good” silencer. A re-baffled upgraded stock silencer will also be tested very soon.   Our biggest challenge is the software tuning phase which is also underway.  The actual tuning will never be a problem and all the pre-testing is already completed.  It’s all about the ability to upload and download the ECU info.  We are very confident that we will be done with a complete range of stage 1 package options by mid-October.  New high flow air cleaners are already in stock awaiting only costing and package finalisation.  Watch this space or call us if you have any questions.

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Now, it has always been our intention to one day add an alternative bike brand into our extensive range of tuning options so recently we also started R &D on the BMW GS1200 and 1250. This will eventually extend to include a bigger portion of the BMW adventure bike range. It was a no brainer for us to extend our tuning knowledge base of more than 40 years to this iconic brand. We will soon be ready to go to the market with a comprehensive range of stage 1 options for these bikes and we will make it very public when the time is right. The tuning options have already been finalised and we are very confident that specific riding needs will be met for those who want something special.  Our aim was to improve power delivery low down in the rpm range while reducing thermal temperature and protecting the engine in the process.  We are also able to make adjustments to idling, wide open throttle riding, rev limiters, speed limiters, etc. Cruising speed fuel consumption was protected and more power and torque has been unleashed throughout the rev range.  The tuning files found in the standard Ecu’s for the BMW adventure bike range are very close to right although we found very good gains in part throttle – low to medium rev range were the standard bike runs very lean causing excessive unnecessary thermal temperature build up.   Upgrades on these bikes whether it be only tuning and or air-cleaners, exhausts and silencers will be well suited to riders who choose to have their bikes perfectly tuned.  We will soon also be doing stage 2 modifications which will include cylinder head gasflowing and high compression pistons similar to those found in the HP2 1200.

107, 114 & 117Ci M8 Range Of Harley Engines

All 3 the above engines are used in almost the whole Harley range at this stage and we have now successfully completed stage 1, 2 and 3 conversions on many of these bikes.  The conversions are very successful and have been very reliable in the past 3 years of testing with absolutely no problems thus far.  The stage 1 which consists of exhaust work, air cleaner and tuning is the most popular by far with the stage 2 cylinder head conversions also gaining popularity.  The big gains however come from the stage 3 conversions which include big bore throttle bodies, Screamin’ Eagle high torque and power cams and the Screamin’ Eagle or Vance & Hines top of the range maximum high flow air cleaners, etc.  If you are keen to upgrade your M8 please be in touch with us to discuss a package.

In summary the good news on all the above is that is SAC Raging Bull is a fully accredited RMI approved workshop and we supported the right to repair campaign from day 1 a few years ago.  Warranty is no longer a big issue as all customers with new bikes which include a factory warranty have now the right to repair or service and maintain their bikes at the workshop of choice without jeopardising the warranty.

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