Akrapović Power Exhausts

Ten Reasons Why Akrapovic For Your Harley Davidson

1. Innovative Design

Leaders in exhaust system design. Akrapovic put design at the centre of their business.
The Akrapovic patented hexagonal mufflers took the motorcycle aftermarket by storm: the new shape, replacing the standard oval exhaust, transformed the concept of motorcycle exhaust systems. Their conical design reaffirms their commitment to great design.
Akrapović: whether for your Harley Davidson motorcycle or your performance car, there are no better-looking exhausts anywhere.

2. Pure Power

Akrapović exhausts are designed to provide your Harley Davidson with higher levels of performance.
Akrapović call it Pure Power.
Reduced weight from the combination of the right materials and the best design to ensure optimum exhaust flow. The right catalytic converters and the best shapes.
More horsepower. More performance. Pure Harley Davidson Power.

3. The Unmistakable Sound of Akrapović

Akrapović exhausts sound like no others. Just the right notes at the right times.
Deep, resonant sound. The sound of Pure Harley Davidson Power. Make your own exhaust sound with Akrapović.

4. Race Proven – Racing is in their blood.

Akrapović has successfully supported racing teams since its inception.
So far, 63 world champions have relied on Akrapović when it really matters.
It’s the choice of champions whether racing on road or off.
Factory racers and privateers.
There’s no better proving ground for Akrapović exhaust systems than the world’s most demanding racetracks.

5. Research, Development & Testing

Akrapović invests heavily in R&D.
They have the best people constantly innovating and driving their business forward.
New materials, new technology, new processes, and new products are the outcomes of this approach.
It is backed up with rigorous measurement and testing to ensure that Akrapović exhaust systems meet the most stringent legal standards where required.

6. Only the Best Materials

Akrapović uses only the best materials.
They use heat-resistant titanium alloys for all the key parts of their titanium exhausts, not just the outer sleeves like many of their competitors.
They also use stainless steel and ultra-light carbon fibre.
Their carbon fibre is pre-impregnated and ultra light, with high tensile strength and temperature resistance.

AKRAPOVIC Open Line Full Exhaust System (Chrome) Harley-Davidson Dyna FXDF Fat Bob (2008-2014)



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7. High Tech

Akrapović is a pioneer in developing and using technology to bring real benefits to the end user.
And they develop the technology in-house.
Hydroforming is one such process, where header tubes are moulded by applying water pressure.
This way of forming material creates the ideal shape for optimum exhaust flow, with no loss in tensile strength.
Akrapović are also pioneers in the plastic deformation of titanium alloys and welding.

8. State of the Art Factory

At their manufacturing facilities, they maintain quality control by designing and manufacturing their exhaust systems in-house.
This allows Akrapović to create exhaust tubes to their own specifications for maximum performance and quality.
Their in-house laboratories ensure that they meet the standards for type approval and certification.

9. Passion & Experience

Few can match the passion, experience, and dedication of the Akrapović team.
They already have 20 years of devotion to developing the best exhaust systems behind you, and a desire for perfection in the design, performance, and sound of all their products.
All Akrapović employees work with a passion for their products, for racing, and for customer satisfaction.

10. Attention to Detail

It’s all in the detail. Not just in the design and testing but also in the assembly, right down to the packaging.
Akrapović carbon fibre is assembled by hand with a meticulous approach to quality and finish.
Then it’s signed by the person who did it. Now that’s real attention to detail.

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