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Harley-Davidson engine tuning could easily become a long drawn out technical topic, so I’ll keep it short and simple.

There are many products on the market today to help with this seemingly complex job – Power Commander, Harley Davidson – Screamin Eagle Race Tuning kits, Plug and Play tuner kits, to mention only a few.

The problem is, the installation and the reasons for the purchase or installation in the first place.

Fuel injected HD’s – 2005 onward rely on a very simple Engine Control Unit (ECU) and even more simple components on the engine to keep them happy.

While the Harley ignition systems are generally adequate, for most engines, the Harley fuel systems aren’t – especially when the exhaust systems and air intake systems are modified or changed from standard.


Screamin’ Eagle heavy breather filter kits and Vance and Hines exhausts are used extensively in this regard or similar filters and exhausts.

Very often even non-standard camshafts – Andrews, Screamin Eagle cams are added with the intention of increasing the horsepower – performance, but sadly all this is normally in vain.

The fueling could be rich in one area and very lean in the other or vice versa – adding a fueler of some sort without prior proper measurement and testing not to mention setup will or can make it worse.

Careful measurement on simulated road conditions in a proper tuning shop utilizing a dynamo-meter is essential.

poorly tuned engine running lean at high RPM – wide open throttle coupled to a hot running air cooled engine can be catastrophic.

Call us to arrange proper measurement before considering purchasing some sort of tune aid – we have the know-how and equipment to cater for all HD tuning requirements and diagnostic troubleshooting

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