Important Harley Davidson Warranty Information

We don’t want our customers to be confused as to who they are dealing with when they deal with us and the potential consequences of this action. So before you make the decision to book your Harley Davidson in with us for some work, we want to be completely honest and upfront with you and urge you to read this important information we have on how dealing with us at our SAC Bike workshop specializing in Harley-Davidson Motorcycles can affect your existing Harley Davidson SA warranty.

It is common knowledge that when it comes to your Harley warranty, service books are seldom being kept up to date by owners or even filled in when your bike is in the workshop for a service or modification work. And unlike when you book your car in for a service in Cape Town one day and warranty work in Johannesburg a week later, and all your details and your cars details and the work done is stored on a nationally linked database for easy accurate reference, no such system exists today with Harley Davidson in SA as all the shops are independently owned.

So this makes it difficult to keep track of and refer back to when you want to check on what was done to your Harley, and this filters further down to the modification work that can be and is done in most cases. Sometimes very extensive work is undertaken, but if you don’t keep your invoice as proof of this, what was done and fitted to your bike, by whom and when can easily be lost.

Who is to say that the performance pipe / filter etc you have fitted to your Harley was done by the authorized guys or an unofficial workshop or even by yourself? Besides leaving you in the dark as to how well maintained or who actually modified your bike. How is a warranty claim going to be effectively handled when a problem arises with your Harley while it is still under warranty when it is not easy to remember who did what?

This is just one of the grey areas that we at SAC Raging Bull are trying to avoid making worse when it comes to looking after our Harley Davidson clients. We only make use of genuine Harley Davidson parts and lubricants, and not to mention the likes of Screaming Eagle and Vance and Hines performance parts to get the best out of your machine. And we also keep accurate records of exactly what was done to your bike and who and when so that we can trace back should a problem arise and attend to the matter quickly and effectively.

The other grey area is that with the new Consumer Protection Act the traditional threat of your warranty being immediately cancelled should you take your bike elsewhere for a service or maintenance work etc. is being challenged. The current sentiment is that provided the correct service / maintenance procedure is followed and the correct parts are used, then the authorized dealer would still be obligated to honor a legitimate warranty claim when the initial work was undertaken by an unofficial workshop or even by you.

This issue still has to play out further so we would like to encourage you to continue to build a decent and honest relationship with your authorized dealer and your unofficial workshop too so that when an issue arises, it can be dealt with properly. Because this all said and done, we want you to know that when we work on your Harley, we believe you still could have your warranty cancelled or affected in the areas that we worked.

Although we do a vast amount of work on Harley’s that are well within their warranty periods, we feel it is better that you remain fully informed and are able to make a proper decision when it comes to the care of your bike. We are though considering implementing an aftermarket warranty as already offered by institutions such as Motorite, Warranty Solutions, Etc. that will replace the cover offered to you by your existing authorised warranty at a small fee, but if you feel that you are going to rely on your SA Harley Davidson warranty and this factor is most important to you, then we would respectfully like to encourage you to continue dealing with your chosen Harley dealership until your bike is out of warranty and then only consider making use of our services.

More honest than this we cannot be!

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Some common questions and answers :

Q: Does a Harley Davidson dealership service records change the retail or trade-in price / value of your bike?

A: No, it does not normally as a dealership decides more or less what they want to pay for a bike based on year model / mileage / popularity etc. up front.

Q: Should I keep my service book and invoice records up to date then?

A: Yes, if only for your own benefit as this way you know exactly what has been done to your bike and when so you won’t be caught out by a breakdown or need a service when you are far from home.

Q: Does SAC Raging Bull update and keep record of work done on your bike?

A: Yes, we not only fill in your service book, we also keep an accurate record of exactly what was done and fitted to your bike for future reference.

Q: If you have work done at an unofficial workshop using only genuine Harley Davidson parts will this affect the retail or trade-in price / value of your bike?

A: No, this should not affect the value of the bike as you have used only the best parts, and any real enthusiast will see the value in this despite using an unofficial workshop.

Q: If I have aftermarket parts fitted to my Harley Davidson, will this affect the retail or trade-in price / value?

A: Yes it can, in most cases you should be able to get a bit more for your bike, but it does depend on what you fit and the quality of these aftermarket parts.

Q: If I have work done at an unofficial workshop can I lose my warranty?

A: Your warranty can be cancelled if it is found that the failure or damage was caused by the work done at the unofficial workshop.

Q: Does Harley Davidson Provide you with a written warranty for any work done to your bike?

A: As far as we are aware there is no written warranty in place.

Q: Does SAC Raging Bull provide you with a written warranty for any work done to your bike?

A: When you have work done at SAC you can rest assured that you will receive a written warranty and a copy of this warranty with your invoice when you collect your bike.

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