SAC Raging Bull – Workshop Policies

When you bring your bike to SAC Raging Bull for a tune-up, service, state-of the-art conversion or any small job you can rest assured that your prized possession is in capable hands and that you will receive unmatched customer service!

To help us to meet this commitment to you please familiarize yourself with the following policies:


1. Bookings

While there is more than one reason why we work on Harley Bikes, the main one is simply because we like it. To this end we do not book our workshop full every day or work like conventional workshops. We only take in a few bikes every week – No more than four or five and we attempt to finalize them a.s.a.p. – If possible before the following weekend. We don’t have and don’t want to have an infrastructure that can deal with large work loads or pushed time lines.

Quantity will never compromise Quality at SAC Raging Bull.

2. Estimates/Quotations

Please note that we are only able to give you a comprehensive quotation once your bike is in the workshop and any prices given through to you before-hand are only estimates.

All prices quoted are VAT inclusive.

3. Parts Ordering

If the parts and or accessories that you require, are not available ex-stock in South Africa, and they need to be ordered on your behalf (while your bike is not in our possession) a 100% non-refundable deposit will be required. Kindly confirm that the parts and or accessories to be ordered are definitely the correct ones by personally checking this with the service adviser.

Parts can take anything from 5 days to 6 weeks to arrive from overseas, please be patient.
We always try to get the parts here soonest, however unforeseen circumstances often occur.

4. Courtesy Cars

It is with pleasure that SAC Raging Bull provides a vehicle for your use while your vehicle/motor cycle is being worked on or for whatever reason. There are however a few points that SAC would like to bring to your attention to minimize any discrepancies in the unlikely event of theft, accident, costs incurred or damage to the vehicle.

The vehicle should be inspected by the client before taking possession.

Although the vehicle is comprehensively insured the client will be held responsible for the excess as normally required by the Insurer.

The client will be liable for any or all traffic fines incurred whilst the vehicle is in their possession.

The client should return the vehicle as arranged, in the same condition and with more or less the same amount of fuel in it as when the vehicle was received.

The vehicle can be inspected by SAC when returned.

Please drive carefully and adhere to all the normal traffic rules and regulations.

Smoking in not allowed in this vehicle at all.

5. Collection & Delivery

It is with pleasure that SAC Raging Bull has agreed to fetch / deliver your vehicle so that the necessary work can be completed.

There are however a few terms and conditions that you should be made aware of.

The vehicle will be trailered / transported to or from our premises entirely at your own risk

Please make sure that either you or a responsible person is available to assist the driver wherever the vehicle is collected / delivered..

Please be sure that the above mentioned responsible person properly secures the vehicle on our trailer as necessary to transport

6. Valuables/Personal Items

Please check that all valuables/personal items e.g. phones, glasses, keys, etc. have been removed from the panniers and other storage areas on your bike.

Get in contact with a service adviser – CLICK HERE

7. Contact Details

Always ensure that we have sufficient contact details with which we are able to reach you at any time should any questions and or problems arise while your bike is in the workshop.

Please note that if we are unable to reach you all work on your bike will be stopped until we are able to speak to you.

8. Fuel

Please ensure that there is enough fuel in your bike for tuning and other required work incl – Test Riding

9. Job Mandate

When completing the job mandate please ensure that we understand your requirements.

What you want – When you want it – How much you are expecting to pay.

10. Old Parts

If parts on your bike will be or have been replaced and you would like to have the parts back that were removed then please arrange this when you give us the work mandate or when you bring your bike in. If you are unable to take the old parts with you then please make arrangements for them to be collected as soon as you can. We will only be held responsible for your old parts with an arrangement for five working days after you have collected your bike, thereafter they will be disposed of or recycled and put in stock for resale if they had any value.

11. Parts Mark Up

Unfortunately there is no dedicated Harley Davidson pricing structure. Each of the dealers has their own individual mark-up and selling style. Since we are forced to purchase our HD parts from Harley Davidson dealers all over South Africa and in some cases overseas we have decided to use a cost plus 25% mark-up policy. Transport, courier and or import costs will be calculated into the cost of the parts prior to the mark-up. A loyalty rewards discount can be arranged on some items by prior arrangement with your service adviser.

12. Bike Collections

Collection arrangements should only be made when we have contacted you and let you know that all work on your bike has been finalized.

No bike will be released until the Final Quality Control has been done.

Please don’t arrive unannounced.

13. Payments

You need to settle your account before collection or delivery. If you are making payment by electronic transfer then kindly email your proof of payment to before you collect your vehicle or before we make arrangements for delivery. Please also go through your invoice and insure that you clearly understand what has been charged for and why.

14. Storage of Bikes

It would not be a problem if your bike needs to be stored at our premises after all our work is completed. Kindly make payment if and when requested to do so or when all the work has been done, invoiced and you have been notified.

15. SAC Raging Bull Why Worry Warranty

Be sure to familiarize yourself with this document to ensure that you understand the warranty conditions applicable to the work done on your bike.