Screamin’ Eagle Air Cleaner Kits, Heavy Breathers and Stage 1 Air Filter Kits


A performance air filter will provide your Harley with a huge increase of airflow that will significantly boost the power of your fuel injected engine only if and when the fuel has been adapted by way of a Race Tuner – Chip.

These air filters are available in various designs (black and or chrome) for most Harley models, they differ only cosmetically.  In real terms, all these filters work more or less the same to increase the performance of your bike.  When choosing a filter to compliment the stage 1 on your bike you need to be aware of the space around your knee area that gets to be a little tight.  Generally, we prefer a nice flat filter similar to a ventilator or the standard air filter cover.  Some of the stage 1 SE filters only get supplied with a back plate and filter, in this case you will use your standard air filter cover

It is important to note that if you have upgraded pipes on your bike that you need to consider a chip when adding an air filter to complete the stage 1.  Your bike will end up with less power and will be very difficult to ride – light throttle flattering and misfiring and very lean throughout the rev range.  In short, the bikes system cannot adapt to a good filter and a set of open pipes.  On the other hand, when a good filter and open pipes are fitted and the tuning is optimised with a chip or race tuner, the bike will be significantly stronger and award you with a much smoother ride.

Harley air filter stage1

harley air filters stage 1

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