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Harley Oil Consumption – How Does It Work

Harley davidson oil coolerWe have seen many bikes come into our workshop that use one or one and a half liters of motorcycle oil to fill them to the right level. This is not good!!!! Some of these bikes are new and completely standard. We highly recommend Screamin Eagle three in one fully synthetic motorcycle oil. Harley Davidson Big Twins with 88 – 96 – 103 – 110 – 113 – 116 and 120 cube engines use oil if and when ridden hard. So what is hard, it’s easy if you ride at around 100 – 120 km/h you are riding normally but if you ride distances of 50-150 km at around 150 km/h your bike will use oil. The lower the oil level the more oil the Harley Davidson consumes. It’s because the engine oil temperature creeps up. Continuously revving high and riding fast requires engine oil checks and top-ups regularly.

We Recommend Genuine SE OilThe Harley Davidson does not normally consume oil past the rings or as a result of wear and tear; they simply blow the oil out at the breathers on the heads and suck it through the intake. These Harley Davidson engines have big pistons and as a result, build up pressure in the sump and don’t have very effective sump breathing systems. They only work well at low rpm’s. Also, the higher the revs, the more the oil pressure and as a result, the more the oil moves to the top of the engine.

When it gets there it needs to go down to the sump again and then it needs to go past the air that is pushing up and outward through two small oil galleries, one on each barrel. At this stage, the oil and the air work against each other and the oil loses the fight. It ends up living at the top of the engine until the revs drop to normal. When the oil has no place to go it goes out of the engine. Don’t overfill the oil level as this also causes the oil to blow out. If the engine blows the oil out because it was overfilled it gets quite messy around the air-filter area. We highly recommend that if you have a big capacity Harley Davidson engine upgrade that you use Screamin Eagle three in one fully synthetic oil.

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