Charging System / Battery for your Harley-Davidson

All you need to know about Batteries & Charging systems for your Harley-Davidson

Harley Davidson battery


Harley battery & Harley Davidson Charging system – If your Harley’s battery is playing up or just plain flat, you need to know what to do. A Harley battery is expensive but if they are looked after with preventative maintenance, they can last 3 to 5 years. If you replace your battery, get good advice. You should not use a battery that has liquid in it, generally, gel type batteries are far superior. If the liquid – acid boils over and leaks out onto the frame or engine of your bike, it makes a big mess and the damage is normally irreparable. This cannot happen if you use a genuine Harley battery (EMO) or a good gel type alternative.

Harley engines have big pistons and proper cylinder filling so they require a good quality well-charged battery together with a healthy charging system and or starter motor. It is important to note that you use the correct spec “amp hours” battery. They all differ from model to model but we keep a full range in stock. We also keep a full range of genuine quality alternative batteries in stock.

Harley Davidson Gel BatteriesRiding your bike with a bad battery can get quite expensive simply because of the extra load on the alternator. More often the not, Harley’s that are ridden with flat or bad batteries, end up destroying an alternator and or regulator which is completely unnecessary.

A gel type battery can only release acid when used on a regular basis, so when the bike is parked or not used for a month or two, there will be no acid release from the gel and the battery will slowly but surely deteriorate. In most cases, if the bike is left too long the battery cannot be charged or rehabilitated.

If your Harley Davidson’s battery is flat and it cannot start, best you call us so that we can collect the bike to do a proper charging system and battery evaluation and advise whether or not the battery can be saved.

Harley battery chargerTrickle chargers or winter storage chargers are only strong enough to maintain battery voltage. They are not able to charge a flat battery in order to start the bike.

Don’t get caught out, call us for good advice and all that you need to know about your bike’s battery and NEVER jump start your bike because if something goes wrong with polarities etc. you can destroy the bike’s ECU and or wiring. The battery needs to have more than 12V in it in order to push start the bike. this is also not a good idea if you don’t know what you are doing.

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