Let us help you choose Accessories, Spares & Parts for your Harley – “Chrome & Comfort”

Accessorising your Harley Davidson is a personal thing and most times difficult and frustrating. It is too easy to make a mistake or the wrong choice.

Come in and sit in our boardroom with someone as passionate as, or more passionate about accessorising your bike than you and let him or her help you make the right choice.

We have access to all the catalogues for your Harley Davidson’s spares, parts and accessories, local and abroad as well as the internet to help with this sometimes confusing task.
Let us take the pain out of this process and source the spares & parts and / or accessories. Once they arrive we can fit them properly and discuss the fitment with you.

SAC Raging Bull Display

IMG_20160316_092046Choosing components for your Harley Davidson such as a seat, sissy bar, panniers, bags, screen, handlebars or anything for that matter needs careful consideration and negotiation.

You don’t want to have components on your bike that bother you and you don’t want to chase the parts all the time – let us do this for you and make the make-over an enjoyable thing to do.

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