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Let’s talk exhaust systems for Harley’s

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Custom Harley Exhaust Pipes – Everyone is talking about headers, baffles, silencers, end-cans, catalytic converters, etc. here’s the facts.

If you have spent some money or you intend spending on a chip and or high flow air-cleaner, you need to know a little about  Harley exhaust systems too.

To clean up the environment “to go green” the manufacturers of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles have started to fit catalytic converters into the Harley exhaust systems as standard equipment.  For the environment, it’s a good thing but for performance or power and the all popular potato-potato Harley engine tone – it’s not.

Harley-Davidson Catalytic converter heatIt is indeed a restriction in the exhaust and on Harley’s which rely mostly on air and now on the new models a little water to keep them cool, there is a massive heat build-up and thermal temperature radiation around the exhaust system.  A catalytic converter essentially completes the burn process of all the unburnt gasses that come out of the engine, and to do this a catalytic converter needs to get to more than 700 degrees Celsius or it can’t do its job, so right there is the start of all this heat build-up.   If you ever get a chance, try and look at the reflection of the exhaust headers under the covers on the chrome of the engine where they exit the cylinder heads. Inevitably they will be blue, this is from excessive heat.  So, remove the restriction and tune the bike properly and not only are you removing the heat build-up but you’ve also optimised the combustion process.  Essentially this means that more of the unburnt gasses are being burnt or used in the place where it counts – in the combustion chamber – a cleaner burning engine.

Harley Aftermarket Exhaust – If the pipes are open and not restrictive and the baffles are properly optimized you can unleash maximum power from your bike, simply because of the enhanced efficiency.    There are a big variety of silencers, baffles, end-cans, etc. on the market today, they range from about R6000 up to as much as R20 000.  The age old saying you get what you pay for applies in this case.  Many of the silencers on the market are still restrictive and have catalytic converters in them so you get back to square one.  You need to understand that while Harley’s want a small amount of back pressure they don’t need restriction or blockage.  You can talk to us about modifying and upgrading your standard exhaust, this is a good place to start and costs far less than most exhausts on the market.  It really does the job well and is good bang for buck.

exhaust harley

In summary, if you want a cooler running, cleaner burning or a more efficient engine let us optimize the whole exhaust system and tune your bike to unleash all the horsepower available in there.  You can also read the article on volumetric efficiency – Click here

For the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson, contact SAC Raging Bull. We stock or can source a wide variety of exhaust pipes (Vance & Hines, Screamin’ Eagle, Two Brothers, Akrapovic, etc.) for your Harley-Davidson. No matter the model – Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Road King, Touring, V-Rod, Street Glide or CVO we can assist you in finding your perfect exhaust match.

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