Harley Davidson Street Performance Upgrades

Your One-Stop Service & Performance Upgrades Workshop

Harley Davidson Street service & repairsContrary to what you may believe, a properly upgraded Harley Davidson motor will ensure better torque curves, power delivery and overall performance and will ultimately result in a far more enjoyable ride at a fraction of the cost of upgrading your bike.

We can change the cams, gasflow the heads, we can even offer to do big bore kits while we are there and then finish the job by electronically mapping all of this to perfection with the aid of our locally manufactured, supported and tested SAC USB Tuning Key.

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Harley Davidson Street Models

  • Street 750

Performance Offering

  • Tuning
  • Exhausts
  • Air Filters
  • Stage 1, 2 & 3
  • Gasflowing
  • Cams
  • High Compression Pistons
  • Trottle Body Enlargements

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Harley Davidson Street Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Need to have your Harley serviced, maintained or repaired or does something just not feel right with your Hog? Then look no further as we offer a full range of service , maintenance and repair options as well as Dyno evaluations and Dyna testing & tuning services to tune your machine to perfection. Read more…


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