September 2011 Newsletter

Summer is here, it is time to ride…

The weather is great, the August winds, although now blowing through September, are about gone and it is the perfect time to hit the road with your bike…

Some of you would have parked your Harley Davidson over the winter, and are now about to jump on it and simply roar off into the early morning sun. But before you do this, please take the time to read this email and consider a few very valid points that we would like to share with you so that you enjoy the summer on your bike.

When a bike stands for long periods of time, it is essential to comprehensively check the bike over, especially the lubrication and / or coolant levels and tyre condition. For example, tyres deflate after a long while and at a glance they look fine, but they are not, this in turn leads to excessive wear and ultimately can compromise your safety out on the road.

Who knows? Something as simple as the battery not being properly charged could leave you in the lurch far from home. Not a great way to spend the weekend.

Our services don’t end there though, outside of your Harley being serviced and repaired to highest standard using only genuine Harley Davidson parts we are also able to unleash some of that dormant power that you know is present in every Harley.

From electronic chip tuning suited to your specific machine, right down to offering the full array of performance engineering options from gasflowing of the heads to big bore kits that will put your Harley into another performance class altogether.



Contrary to what you may believe, a properly upgraded Harley Davidson motor will ensure better torque curves, power delivery and overall performance and will ultimately result in a far more enjoyable ride at a fraction of the cost of buying a new bike.

We even have engine oil cooler kits in stock for most models including – Heritage Softtail, Fatboy, Road King, 883 Sportster, 1200 Sportser Custom, Electro Glide, Streetbob and Rocker C to keep you on the road longer.

Harley Davidson engines are air cooled and there is roughly only three litres of oil trying to keep all the parts cool. Add to this the amount of time you might spend riding in a pack with your buddies when there is very little or no air flowing over your engine, and you will quickly realise that although chrome and detailing is part of the Harley lifestyle, adding a simple inexpensive oil cooler to your motorcycle could be the best money you spend on your Hog this year.

You might even be confident that you can swing a few spanners and have done all your pre ride checks and have also done all that you can do to your Harley already. No problem then, you can still book your bike in for a bit of time on our state of the art dyno to make sure that it is running 100%, which is never a bad idea.

Hey perhaps your pride and joy is simply in need of some cleaning and tender loving care. Whatever your need, we have your Harley covered. To read about all the services we offer or drop us a line at 016 981 7199.

Kind Regards,

The SAC Holdings Team

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